Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Raya and a poem

See, there’s this friend of mine.. (You know who you are) who is very vocabulariously creative to write, come up with a poem for me during a Ramadan. So, every now and then every time people around started talking about Ramadan, Raya or anything that would trigger the bell I will later seek for this poem in her blog because this is the first time a poem has something to do with me and also this is the first time people wanted to 'poem'ed about me. . Huhu~! Am so touched to read this poem even though at first I didn't even know that this poem is about me.

Anyway, to read the poem she wrote, it kinda brings a lots of memories comes back to my mind which consists of many things. Works, friendship, bossy lecturer (I still hate you.. =P), social life as a teenager,motorcycle accident; mostly what a teenager would somehow create a drama of... So, here it is... Thanks E for the poem, appreciate it with a highest appreciation~!

Owh, one thing reading this poem also reminds me that the time for fun, friends, 'lepak's and all are almost come to an end. I suddenly realize that its the final semester already and around a month or two all of us including me will be heading and leading our own life and path again. No more laughter, 'cari pasal', 'stop', holidays and all.. Sad.. Sad.. (Lets us 'Somo' one last time, no?)

So, heres the poem I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!!!

The Poem: you look so tired


everyone looks so tired.

and i dont think its even because of puasa.

thats so sad..

to see someone who’s always so lively looking on with such dull eyes.

makes me think, "wow work must really be getting to them eh?"

those tired lifeless eyes would be the most indication to me that work is piling up.

now is that a good or a bad thing?

hee. ok bye =D

The comments (How the 'behind the scene' story reveal) Hehe..

  1. Hafiz Says:

    Nice one~! :)

  2. Hafiz Says:

    Haha.. Here am I again. Reading this post of yours. After u reveal the secret lies within.. Cool~! Thanks.. =)

  3. E Says:

    ehehe. yeah now u know u were the inspiration behind this post. ecece ;)

P/s – Lepas raya ni rasa-rasa 'kedai tayar' bukak tak kawan-kawan? Ehehehe.. :-p

Saturday, September 6, 2008