Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Seorang bekas biarawati kristian yang masuk Islam memberitahu dalam ceramahnya haram bagi seseorang umat Islam ucap Selamat Hari Natal.. atau Merry Christmas... dan sewaktu dengannya. Jika anda ucap Gong Xi Fa Chai, maksudnya Selamat Tahun Baru Cina (WALLAHUALAM). Happy Deepavali Selamat Menyambut Pesta Cahaya (WALLAHUALAM), tetapi maksud Selamat Hari Natal.. atau Merry Christmas... dan sewaktu dengannya adalah Sejahtera Keatas Tuhan Yesus (NAUZUBILLAH). Dengan perkataan sahaja kita boleh rosak akidah, yakni murtad. Kita umat Islam beriman LAILAHAILLALLAH yakni TIADA TUHAN DISEMBAH SELAIN ALLAH, jadi ucap Sejahtera Keatas Tuhan Yesus untuk apa (NAUZUBILLAH) ? Sebarkanlah perkara ini, berdosa kita jika tak sampaikan benda yang hak. NAUZUBILLAH. LAILAHAILLALLAH.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Do not leave / park your vehicle too long at one spot.

This may happen to you!

Hahaha.. =P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love Swimming!

Yes, you read that right. I always love swimming and it’s not the kind where you paddle around the pool for a couple minutes and then lay out. We are talking about mind numbingly boring lap swimming...back and forth, back and forth...and I love it.

See, I grew up playing basketball and the other ball sports, played basketball through college and never cared about swimming. It was a sport with zero visibility at my high school and college. But every now and then when it comes the time to go back to my father’s village, I have never missed my chance to swim in the beach which was very near to my grandmother’s house.

I could generally say that swimming is one of the things I would prefer doing to kill the time when I was bored. Most of my friends don’t even know that swimming is my hobby because I have this strange behavior when it comes to swimming, I love to swim alone. So currently, as a results of being bored of doing nothing, I have gone back to be doing something that I have not done for a long time; swimming workouts.

They are a similar feeling to being able to push a big gear on the bike and feeling strong doing it. Every now and then I am feeling really strong in the water and make the big push. Love it. Love this feeling of being fit and strong in the water. Some people hate swimming and I don’t understand it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

UiTM Lecturer, Student Killed In Accident In New Zealand

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 (Bernama) -- A lecturer and a female student of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) were killed and four others injured in a road accident in New Zealand on Wednesday.

Assistant Vice-Chancellor at UiTM's Corporate and Communications Department, Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Redzuan Abd Rahman, when contacted by Bernama, said the victims were on a 10-day study trip to several universities in New Zealand and also to complete a photography project there.

Those killed were Shafiee Ahmad, 51, the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs at the Communications and Media Studies Faculty, who was from Taiping, Perak but was residing in Shah Alam, and Mariyam Sakinah Ahmad, 21, a second year broadcasting student who hailed from Kampung Pinang Jawa, Kuching, Sarawak.

Ahmad Redzuan said the group, comprising four lecturers and five mass communication students, left on the study tour to New Zealand last Wednesday and were expected back on Friday.

"I was informed that their bodies are at a hospital in Auckland," he added.


Monday, November 24, 2008

The story of us

Hey all fellow readers (If there’s any...), in case you’re all wondering there are two writers that have made this blog running all this while. One is a very beautiful, soft, attractive and nice young lady who is very lovely and such an angel. The other one is me, lame old lover boy that loves the first writer mentioned above deeply in every bit of breath he takes. Both of us have successfully made this happen and let the love flame in us becomes the editor to what to come in every posts. Its have been a wonderful 4 month since this blogs started and everything seems to grow bigger and bigger by the passing days and winds. I seriously have never felt so wonderful in my entire previous life until the day that I first laid my both dry eyes to the first writer lovely looking eyes and I bet you she has the most beautiful eyes in the world that can make you felt thunderstruck and stun whenever she stares.

See, it all started when I apply for a post as a practical trainee at one lame public relation consultant company which does put their hands into every service that available under the sun but public relation consultancies. When I first started working with them, I seriously don’t have much thought that this company will change my entire life timeline. Looking at the pace going on when I joint them, I have this feeling that I will suffer working in this small office. Picture this, a miniature waterfall which has a phony duck sitting on top and a turtle waiting at the bottom of the water running all day creating an environment that I was kind of working in The Amazon. The boss desk is at the very strategic place which he can oversea every movement that is going around in the place except in the two toilet at the back counting the pantry. And not to mention, that he has a collection of bronze elephants lying around the office. Simply paranoia!

The first week I enter the office, I got my own cubicle or more like my own desk space of hideouts at a very corner that the boss cannot sees what I am really doing. I realize this on the third day of my training day, the boss keeps talking to my desk without knowing that I was laughing in the pantry with a friend that I just met, named Shukur. From there I realize how my own space has a camouflage abilities to hide all the ‘not doing my thing’ matters from the very bossy plus sissy boss in the front. And one other things, both of my bosses knows nothing about computer that makes me at times trick them silly simply by saying that my desktop is hang and I cant do my work; when they are there staring me moving my curser hopelessly at my monitor. Sorry I fooled you old man, my computer is not jammed at all. I just don’t have the urge to work the thing that you ask me to.

The third weeks is just extra horrible, all the old staff left the company running leaving me with those two dumb bosses. I really have lost my interest to work at this point until a new employee started working few days after, Kak Sha. Don’t get me started with her because she is even worst than my bossy lecturer at faculty with her phony attitude and her horrible body odor. The big mole in her face makes me more irritating to face her day by day, plus the way she walks is just so funny just like when Shreek hurt his legs in the movie. Then, one by one new comers came to serve the company. At this point, the office has back to become an ordinary office again.

Suddenly it happen when I saw a resume on top of my boss desk, the picture of the person who sent it has captured my vision. I take the time to read it trough and I swear to all of you I said to myself at the very moment ‘Wow, what a beautiful lady this is, I bet she is even beautiful when I sees her in person’. I fell in love with the resume and the owner of the beautiful picture in it right away after I laid my eyes to the resume. Then I started to encourage the boss to take her aboard and joint the company, just so that I can see her on a daily basis. I started to see the light and have my motivation to hang on to this company again. The first time she enter the office for interview, I really wanted to go and introduce myself to her. But, I didn’t because I doubt she might see me as a jerk and dense. So, I just kept my cool and wait for a little bit longer. I have the opportunity to talk to her for the first time is when we have dinner at Pak Li with one other person (I really don’t want to talk about this other person because she is just not worth it to be talked about). That night, I can’t even look at other direction but to concentrate looking at the person who owned the resume that I have fall in love with. I was hoping that time at that very moment will stop and our dinner won’t finish, just so that I could have the opportunity to talk and sits beside her even longer. But, it just came to an end.

The first day she came to the office, I was too afraid to talk to her because I just don’t know how to face a wonderful lady like her and I don’t want to sound stupid in front of her simply because of the feeling that I already have in my heart towards her. From the day onwards, I started to dress up adequately and groomed my self stylish to the point of attracting her to see the existence of me in there. Everyday I pray to that one day she will be mine and I’ll with an open arm becomes hers. I even once slept with a smile just because I could hug my own sweaters that I lend her at the office to kill her chilled. I even wear a tuxedo to office just so that I could make a point to talk to her for the day. I was so in love that I didn’t realize the times flies away very swiftly.

One day god answers my prayers, on our way to a meeting I got the chance to hold her soft hand. I was so happy that I didn’t realize that I have held her hand and didn’t let go at all till we reach the destination. I got the chance again to hold her hand on our way back and this time with a hug just because the car is too crammed. I felt so happy that I want to jump for joy. I was smiling all the way throughout the day. That is the day it all started for us to make a commitment to live with each other as a couple. Now, it’s almost 10 months that we have been together and the love created in me from the first day I fell in love with the resume still grows bigger and larger day by day. I seriously have never felt this happy all my life before I have her with me. She has grow in me as my other half; my better half. She completes me in many ways and her enormous love that she sent straight to my heart every second I live keeps me going as a reason I wake up every morning.

No doubt that in every relationship there is some challenges we have to face and don’t get me started with it because by god there is a lot of challenges that both of us have to face to lead our day until today. But, that what makes us to love and get to know each other more deeply which makes me forgot how to live without her by my side. I really need her and I really love her with all I got in this life. I swear that I will pull all I got to live with her and start a family together. I don’t want this posts as how they end every fairy tales story but that’s just it. By having her by my side, my day seems so wonderful every second I breathe. I was so thankful to get to know, being accepted and being given a chance to love her because I swear I have an enormous love towards her. I need her and I love her so much. My sweetheart baby, my angel, my sweetie honey – Siti Aisyah Mhd. Ariff. I love you so much. Thank you for being born, for being who you are, for accepting me, for loving me all this while and for everything we have got today. I will love you forever baby, I will~!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Raya and a poem

See, there’s this friend of mine.. (You know who you are) who is very vocabulariously creative to write, come up with a poem for me during a Ramadan. So, every now and then every time people around started talking about Ramadan, Raya or anything that would trigger the bell I will later seek for this poem in her blog because this is the first time a poem has something to do with me and also this is the first time people wanted to 'poem'ed about me. . Huhu~! Am so touched to read this poem even though at first I didn't even know that this poem is about me.

Anyway, to read the poem she wrote, it kinda brings a lots of memories comes back to my mind which consists of many things. Works, friendship, bossy lecturer (I still hate you.. =P), social life as a teenager,motorcycle accident; mostly what a teenager would somehow create a drama of... So, here it is... Thanks E for the poem, appreciate it with a highest appreciation~!

Owh, one thing reading this poem also reminds me that the time for fun, friends, 'lepak's and all are almost come to an end. I suddenly realize that its the final semester already and around a month or two all of us including me will be heading and leading our own life and path again. No more laughter, 'cari pasal', 'stop', holidays and all.. Sad.. Sad.. (Lets us 'Somo' one last time, no?)

So, heres the poem I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!!!

The Poem: you look so tired


everyone looks so tired.

and i dont think its even because of puasa.

thats so sad..

to see someone who’s always so lively looking on with such dull eyes.

makes me think, "wow work must really be getting to them eh?"

those tired lifeless eyes would be the most indication to me that work is piling up.

now is that a good or a bad thing?

hee. ok bye =D

The comments (How the 'behind the scene' story reveal) Hehe..

  1. Hafiz Says:

    Nice one~! :)

  2. Hafiz Says:

    Haha.. Here am I again. Reading this post of yours. After u reveal the secret lies within.. Cool~! Thanks.. =)

  3. E Says:

    ehehe. yeah now u know u were the inspiration behind this post. ecece ;)

P/s – Lepas raya ni rasa-rasa 'kedai tayar' bukak tak kawan-kawan? Ehehehe.. :-p

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008


For individuals who are working, weather a woman or men it is prerequisites for them to look nice all the time and shoe plays a very significant role for a person to establish the looks. A woman with heels with a touch of the current shoe fashion will enhance the style which will portrays the elements of sophistication, elegance and beauty.

It is not deniable that everyone counting men and woman posses a variety of shoes as their personal collection. With the extensive expand of the shoe industry; it gives everyone similar opportunity to choose the right style for their collections of occasions. But upon all, there’s one problem arises by many is how to organize their shoe collection effectively.

It takes a lot of time to uncover the right shoe every so often and makes the route of deciding the right shoe to wear with a particular outfit sometimes consume hours. You have to stumble with all the boxes to find one shoe and to locate them is most of the time torturing. Apart from that, if you store a shoe in one box for a long period of time it will damage the shoe because of humidity which will later produce lots of moulds and fungi on the exterior side of the shoe. The unequal size of each boxes also sometimes consume a lot of space and will spoil the looks of your shoe arrangement.

Taken into accounts all the problems arises, one creative innovation have been made to answer all the shoe collectors’ prayers. Easyboxy, a see-through shoebox will make the process of finding the right shoe easier devoid of having to stumble with all the boxes ever again. It will also save a lot of space for the reason that you can systematize it in horizontal or vertical outward appearance.

Meant with its name, the opening on the side exterior of Easyboxy will let you to take your shoe without having to disorganize your entire shoe collections. What is more, two breathing holes are made on the box to permit the shoes to be stored for a long time without having to be bothered about dampness or fungi and moulds ever again.

Easyboxy are being produce in two sizes for men and woman for a very exclusive price of RM45 for 5 boxes. Easyboxy can be ordered and purchase online by logging on to Get it now while stock lasts.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Alternative entertainment in me

I think that with its popularity hitting the big stages, from the David Copperfield era to the David Blaine’s, it’s evolution have really showed some skin in the mainstream. There’s magician the world over nowadays, I enjoy watching them performing their tricks especially this chap named Cyril Takayama from Japan. Seriously most tricks are getting much astounding yet seem trouble-free to be performed in front of the live audience.

Well to start this one up I think that the awareness of people about it have hit a good amount of interest and with that let me give you some knowledge which I. myself learned by just reading through and asking people who have a knowledge on the course as well. For some magic is an art, it is something that people would like to get involve into and something that they think that would get them the fun and satisfaction like any hobby can.

Magic works best with a good imagination. Before performing a trick it is best to imagine the routine and practice it as much just to make sure that there’s no step are missing. Plus a magic trick will be more entertaining, magic is base purely on imagination so what’s a trick without imagination? It’ll be purely gas, if you ask me. So, in a way to turn out to be a fine magician you would also drag yourself to have a good mind's eye as well.

These are pretty much the basics in my opinion, always keep in mind that the magic tricks is not an overnight thing, and it doesn’t have to be rushed. Patience is a virtue, it is really not an easy task but it can be learned, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Learning magic tricks is a good thing, it’ll help you learn at the same time entertain, so I suggest put that hat on and let’s learn some magic tricks. Abracadabra!

What are you doing lately?

The first time a person ever asked me about ambition is at some point during my kindergarten stage. I remembered each and every one of us in the class is supposed to tell all and sundry about their ambition and what they want to become when they have grow up. I by no means ever think about that matter before, until that particular moment which I was required to come up with one. So, apparently I have not had any idea of what am I going to become when I grow up. I am 6 at that time, so what do you expect? So what I do, I have this close friend at that moment; I call him ‘Boboy’. We were so close that I have once had a dream of him and calling his name in the midst of the night which makes when I wake up the next morning my parents commence to ask me why am I calling his name when I sleep, I’m flabbergasted and begin asking myself until now: why?

So I ask him, what is his ambition and why? So he replied that he wants to grow to be a policeman because they can carry a handgun everywhere they go. So, after a while I also sought to become a policeman. I also smugly tell the teacher about my ambition of becoming a policeman just like my close friend. So since than I always be the one who will be the first to call out ‘Police and thief’ game every time I meet with my gang. But, I enjoy being a thief every time we were playing the game because it’s hard for me to be a policeman who’s required to catch the entire thief gang as I’m a fat boy back then. But at least as a thief, am also tolerable to carries a gun along. So, we play!

The next thing I remembered, I wanted to become a postman. It was all just because I enjoy riding motorcycle with my older friend, and a mailman does ride that while working. I didn’t realize at that time that the wage as a mailman is low and the idea will never be agreed by my parents. What really matters to me as to wanting to become a mailman is just the motorcycle itself. But, at least my teacher at that time supports me with my idea by saying that I’m dissimilar compared to others. I don’t exactly know her exact intention by saying that, but even if she’s trying to be sarcastic to me at that time I don’t mind because I was only 7 years old.

When I was in standard 3 yet again I change my ambition to become a doctor. But, just to be different with my other classmates every time people ask me about my ambition I will say that I wanted to become a dentist. It still doctor, but in particular dealing with mouth, teeth, tongue and whatnot. So from that particular time onwards, for five years I stick with that one ambition of becoming a dentist. I was so proud of that ambition at that time which haul me to post a picture of mine and my ambition to a kid’s magazine. I still have a copy of that magazine which publishes my picture and ambition as a token of memories for me.

After PMR, I wanted to join boarding school just to not to stay at home because am tired of being nagged and scolded each day. I submit an application to join a technical school and they send me to Pahang taking civil engineering as my major. So, once more I revolutionize my ambition and this time I wanted to become an architect. So I hang about and learn at that school and after a while I realize that I am suck with numbers and physics. But, I have no other option but to stay and learn as I really enjoy the hostels life which gave me the privilege of staying far away from home. So I stay.

Now after years of intermingle around with my varsity colleagues and learning mass media, Public Relations and whatnot; I realize that ambition is a very complex words. One can set their targets but whatever they are going to become is a constant blur until the time they apply to join the labor force. I realize that there’s so much things to be taken into accounts before one can make up their mind and choose which organization or working atmosphere they wanted to join. So, the best ambition for me to have now is to find an appropriate job which meets with my qualification and most important thing to be taken into consideration is the salary they pay. What will happen will happen, No??? Whichever it is we reap the results of our actions... Screwed!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coffee anyone?

Could someone out there notify me where the hell this coffee shop is? I really interested to go chill and have a sip of coffee there. See, I’m amaze how some people can come up with this kind of initiative. I bet he used to chill at Starbucks before. LOL!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Censorship is an insult to our intelligence!

Living in this roller coaster world, which there’s a chance of every single moment portrays a jumble of different momentous events brings us to can never erase what have been cursed upon us every timid hours. Realizing anger is just one letter short to danger I seldom tells me that I should not put it as an upfront option every time difficulties comes right to my face. I seldom choose what people around the world put on a term ‘Cool it’ which makes me calm and aware of what I can do to enhance my skills to dissolve the matter arise as cool as I can be.

But, as I being sent to this planet being breed as a ‘just me’, there’s a chance that sometimes my reaction are beyond what I can do to pursue the calmness. Luckily, every time it happens I can prolly keep it to myself and was not being published obviously to others. That makes me wonder sometimes to what extent I can help myself to keep it as low as I wish. I was the one hoping in my every breath that I would never burst it to the person that have holds my entire lame heart to my highest satisfaction and appreciation.

When I was a kid, I used to be a very huge boy; as huge as my ambition. All the while when I live with my huge size body, I used to be humiliated, discarded, being left out, discriminate, scolded, and even being beaten by those around me who portrays themselves as friends. They used my size as an excuse to curse me to live a horrible live and left me with a very low self esteem to carry on. Even some of my teachers back then are on their side punishing me for something I didn’t do. I used to be caned because I punch the person who spilt right to my face and for standing up for my self.

When I got home from school is another story. I live in a little family consist of four members which is my parents, my younger brother and me. Living with them back then, I always being nagged, scolded and punished by many issues that in my opinion is not relevant for me to being nagged and scolded of. When I stand and speak out my points to explain, they raised another issue which brings me to a conclusion that I should stop standing up for my self and just listen to whatever they send my way. I live in a very stressful environment each passing days having to face all this matters and realizing the fact that I don’t even have anyone to share.

Later come boarding school phase, here I have to be aware every single moment as I cant simply trust nobody because its hard to differentiate between a friend and an enemy inside. Everyone have their own plans to survive and can simply use anyone for their own agenda. Realizing that I was far away from home and have nobody to rely on, I try to make some friends which in the end turned out to be a backstabber. They use me as to achieve their goals and win their so called glory at that particular time. Here I met a girl which I get emotionally in touch for almost six years and end up realizing myself being shitted as she has someone else while I’m dying trying to keep the flame on between us all the while.

So, here I am making my way to no where. Thanks for reading, just wanna share. To a greater extent than not… Whatever!!!