Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love Swimming!

Yes, you read that right. I always love swimming and it’s not the kind where you paddle around the pool for a couple minutes and then lay out. We are talking about mind numbingly boring lap swimming...back and forth, back and forth...and I love it.

See, I grew up playing basketball and the other ball sports, played basketball through college and never cared about swimming. It was a sport with zero visibility at my high school and college. But every now and then when it comes the time to go back to my father’s village, I have never missed my chance to swim in the beach which was very near to my grandmother’s house.

I could generally say that swimming is one of the things I would prefer doing to kill the time when I was bored. Most of my friends don’t even know that swimming is my hobby because I have this strange behavior when it comes to swimming, I love to swim alone. So currently, as a results of being bored of doing nothing, I have gone back to be doing something that I have not done for a long time; swimming workouts.

They are a similar feeling to being able to push a big gear on the bike and feeling strong doing it. Every now and then I am feeling really strong in the water and make the big push. Love it. Love this feeling of being fit and strong in the water. Some people hate swimming and I don’t understand it.


wAn HaFiZaH wAn HaMdY said...

i love swimming too..jom lawan nak sapa terer lagi...ahaks ;)

Cuaq's said...

Jom~! Cuaq ok je sbb da tau sapa menang, mesti cuaq punye. Fiza kecik, mesti tak kuat tolak air~! Hahaha.. :p

era Natasha said...

oh i luff swimming too.. it calms me. but kenot lawan korang la.. i like to swim peacefully.. war, no peace! eh salah. peace, no war! :p

the only reason i wud hate swimming is what chlorinated water does to the hair -> jadi penyapu terus okay! :s

SAYANGKU said...

Baby ku! I love swimming too. Especially with you. Anyway, I dont want to compete with you ya.Yeah I know, my fault. You asked me so many times go and buy swimming suit but then till now I never do it. One day, I promise you baby. Will do it.

Cuaq's said...

Sayangku, I'll holding to that promise ya bb, I'll be waiting~! Muwahh~! :)